"J.D. is really special to me. I love him and he will always be considered a part of our family."


“You are changing people’s lives and you are making a difference. We do love you like family!”


“I really never expected that kind of money. I really mean it when I say, 'thank you.' I had a really good feeling about you and your law firm after our first visit. You are very personable, and I can see that you handle controversy very well. I’d like you to know that it’s been a privilege to get to know you.”


“I want to personally thank you for all of your hard work and efforts to obtain a magnificent settlement for me and Ernie. Your incredible hard work has changed our lives, and I am forever grateful.”


“Gabe would have been so proud and happy with the new addition to our church, and because of this the church is growing! Thanks J.D. for being an instrument in making this happen.”


“Our heartfelt thanks to you for your efforts on our behalf. Our claim was handled in a professional and expeditious manner, and it required little effort on our part. You made the process much simpler and easier than we had ever imagined it could be. After having interviewed several attorneys in our area, we were left very apprehensive about pursuing a claim. When we met with you, you were so much more knowledgeable about asbestos exposure, and that alone gave us the confidence to go ahead with a claim. J.D., your calm and easygoing demeanor is definitely an asset to you and your law firm. As settlement checks began arriving, it really eased Chuck’s mind and gave him a great sense of peace in knowing that things would be taken care of financially for our family. We are slowly healing from our loss of Chuck and trying to move ahead, even though it’s so difficult. I just wanted to convey our appreciation, and if we ever have an opportunity to recommend you, we most certainly will not hesitate to do so.”


“Words cannot express what I am going to tell you. You really touched my dad in ways that can never be reflected in a paycheck or on a court document saying ‘in favor of the Plaintiff.’ Dad said every time he would take a deep big breath, you would put your arm around him and say, ‘It will be okay.’ My dad is not a touchy feely guy, but every time you put your arm around him, it made him feel better and helped him get through some tough times. He said, ‘You know, in this day and age, for a young man to have the compassion to put his arm around a man who is sick and struggling really says a lot about his character.’ I truly believe God sent me to your firm’s website that first night I started researching mesothelioma, and I am truly grateful that you and my dad have clicked. Like I said, ‘thank you’ is never going to be enough, J.D.”


“I can’t begin to explain how much respect we have for you. Robert doesn’t just open up to everyone or invite anyone to our dinner table. Robert was beside himself over the amount of settlements you’ve been able to obtain. He said, “I’m just a working stiff, I never thought I’d see that kind of money.” The money won’t give him back his health or ultimately his life, but if he needs it for care later down the road, he’ll have it. Robert and I have truly appreciated you as a part of the family!”